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Most people are never taught how to communicate effectively.

We're here to change that.

We’ll teach you how to speak clearly and confidently, calm your nerves and deliver your message to achieve your goals.

This course is for:

  • Professionals who want to give better, more impactful presentations
  • Employees who want to speak clearly and confidently to their bosses, team members and customers
  • Anyone looking to improve their communication skills and build strong connections with family, friends and coworkers

What you'll get:

  • 100 minutes of instructional video content, broken into digestible lessons
  • A workbook with additional exercises and examples
  • Instant access to watch and read at your own pace

In this course, you will:

  • Learn the best way to prepare what you want to say and how to say it
  • Get tips to sound more confident and credible, and structure your message in a way that’s easy to follow 
  • Understand the best words and phrases to use, and which ones to avoid
  • Master the art and science of using visuals and data to enhance your message 
  • Discover effective techniques to calm your nerves 
  • Develop body language skills to make a great first impression and build trust with your audience
  • Be able to apply these tactics to in-person and virtual settings

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Why choose Smarter by CNBC Make It:

Expert-Led Instruction: Learn from experts who have spent years studying what makes an effective communicator, and our expert psychotherapist who breaks down why these tips work. 

Actionable Insights: Our course will teach you how to build audience connection through crafting an understandable message, with practical tips to help set you up for success. 

Comprehensive Curriculum: A deep dive into understanding your audience, your purpose and how your body language, gestures and overall delivery work together to create a powerful message.

Your Instructors:

Chamin Ajjan

Chamin Ajjan is a licensed psychotherapist, CEO and clinical director of Chamin Ajjan Psychotherapy. She helps a wide array of clients with issues ranging from depression to social anxiety.

John Bowe

John Bowe is a speech and presentation consultant, journalist and author of the book, I Have Something to Say: Mastering the Art of Public Speaking in an Age of Disconnection. He regularly works with business and charity leaders, entrepreneurs and executives from all over the world to help them craft presentations that are interesting and clear.

Noah Zandan

Noah Zandan is the CEO and co-founder of, a firm that combines behavioral science, AI and experiential learning technology to help people become better communicators. His company has analyzed more than 250,000 videos and surveyed audiences on the effectiveness of each communication by analyzing aspects such as the speaker’s tone, authenticity and body language. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Smarter by CNBC Make It a subscription?

Smarter by CNBC Make it is not a subscription. 

This means that you will be charged only once for the course you select, and you will not be charged again on an ongoing basis. 

After your initial purchase, the course will be available to you for as long as you need it, and you will be able to re-take the course as often as you want. 

How many times can I take a Smarter course?

Smarter by CNBC Make It courses are pre-recorded videos, and you can watch them whenever you want (as many times as you want!) on your own schedule. 

Do Smarter courses have subtitles?

All Smarter by CNBC Make It courses have subtitles available. 

You can enable them by clicking on the subtitle icon (first on bottom right corner) on your screen. 

I am enrolled in a Smarter class and having technical issues!

Smarter by CNBC Make It courses are only supported on Chrome and Firefox browsers. 

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Can I take Smarter classes on a mobile device?

If you have an iPhone, you can download the Teachable iOS app here:

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Please note: Smarter by CNBC Make It courses are only supported on Chrome and Firefox browsers. 

Can I take Smarter classes outside of the US?

Yes, you should be able to access Smarter courses outside of the U.S., but let us know if you run into any issues. Course lessons apply to people living in the U.S. and outside the U.S. Please note that course materials are in English.

How do I download the workbook for my Smarter course?

Once you are enrolled in the course, you will have the option to download the course workbook as a PDF.

You will find the download button at the bottom of the Workbook lesson. 

Can I purchase a Smarter by CNBC Make It course as a gift?

If you would like to give a Smarter course as a gift, you can select "Send as a gift" at checkout. 

When you check "Send as a gift," you will have the option to type in the recipient name, email, and a gift message. 

Please note that the purchased course will be sent to the recipient immediately upon purchase

What is the refund policy for Smarter courses?

All sales for Smarter services are FINAL sale, and no returns, refunds or exchanges will be provided. 

You can find the Terms of Service here:

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